دوشنبه، آذر ۰۱، ۱۳۸۹

I miss him so much, I shouldn't reply

How are you?
are you still alive, in love, happy, busy?
I'm here in Brazil...where there are a lot of beaches and bitchs too...
but I'm back to a real life...without "le cirque" ( which is the most precious thing I've ever had...)
I'm less in the mood of "flight of ideas"as you call it.
I'm not working, I just think and write...I also try to read...I eat, pray and love.(I told you what's the other meaning of "eat" in brazil?)
I'm not "content" but everybody tells me that I should be so I try to REprogram my brain to be content...
I still listen to the others' dreams to find mine...
when I'm daydreaming I REmind myself about what you told me last day in paris and I come back to the reality.
your words are like the "toy" of Leonardo de Caprio for me, so I come back to first degree each time I'm thinking of you, but thinking of you also is a second degree...isn't it?

um beijo e te cuida

ps: we shouldn't write to each other(as we agreed), so you don't reply, I'm in second degree right now, you are in the first always.